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Favours For Every Occasion - Wedding (candle tin)

Favours For Every Occasion - Wedding (candle tin)

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Small candle favour with your own customised name and date label.

We are happy to offer customisation options allowing you to add the names and wedding date to the label of the candle tin.

Furthermore, why not choose a specific colour to match your own wedding colours?

Please email us for any customisation requests. This will require a lead time of 3 weeks.

Approx 100g of wax - 15-20 hours of burn time.


Additional Information

💖 Please note that our products are handmade, hand poured in small batches and as such the colours may vary slightly.

💜 Vegan Friendly 
💜 Cruelty Free 
💜 We use Bio-degradable, natural or recyclable packaging where possible. 

We are not associated with any designer or brand perfumes. The aroma of our fragrance may be similar. 
💕 All melts and candles use quality premium oils and eco-friendly glitter. 


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