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Summertime scents

Summer is finally here!

At The Stirling Candle Company, we are pleased to offer a diverse selection of fragrances, including some perfect for this time of year. Our Beach Day, Citrus Zing, Mandarin Tang, and Fresh Start are popular scents and are sure to make your summer one to remember!  Whether you are heading to the beach or spending time at home, finding the perfect summer scented candle is a great way to relax this summer. 


sand, shells and a star fish

Our Beach Day candle can transport you to the beach or pool through the power of scent.  This luxurious fragrance combines top notes of bergamot, orange and peach with a heart of coconut, jasmine and muguet. The creamy base of amber, vanilla and almond creates a warm and inviting aroma.  This is the perfect summer holiday candle! 



bergamot fruit cut in half

Our Citrus Zing candle is a refreshing fragrance that features juicy mandarin, tart lemon, and a subtle hint of lime, complemented by energizing notes of basil and thyme. A subtle refreshing fragrance which reminds us of cold lemonade on while basking in the sun.  Summer candles can help mask cooking smells or BBQ scents so this is a great choice of candle to have for indoor and outdoor entertaining this summer.  



mandarins displayed in a basket

Create a summer vibe with our Mandarin Tang candle.  This candle offers a unique blend of mandarin, cranberry, freesia, mimosa and buttercups that creates a golden display of sweet and tangy aroma, with hints of pear, pineapple, and apricot adding a fresh and fruity lift. The glow of a summer candle is hypnotic on summer evenings and Mandarin Tang is a great choice.  Like Citrus Zing, this candle is ideal for indoor and outdoor socialising.  



laundry being hung out to dry by a woman

We all love drying our washing outside during the summer months.  It doesn’t just smell fresh but makes you feel great too.  Our Fresh Start candle is a clean blend of powdery musk and floral notes, including violet and orange blossom. This fragrance also features refreshing green hints, as well as the delicate scents of jasmine and lily. This is a good choice to make that clean washing experience last longer. 


collection of candle and wax melt products

We offer these candles in different sizes to fit your indoor or outdoor space perfectly. With various fragrances and sizes to choose from, our summer candles are a perfect way to unwind and enjoy relaxing summer days and evenings.

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