Having Parents Who Run A Candle Business

Having Parents Who Run A Candle Business

Having parents who run a candle business has turned out to be an incredible work experience for me. Here's why this interesting opportunity has been so beneficial.

I've learned a lot about how my parents run their candle business. Watching my parents build their candle business from the ground up has given me firsthand insight into what it takes to start and maintain a business. I've seen them brainstorm ideas, develop business plans, and navigate the challenges of running a small business. This exposure has taught me valuable lessons about perseverance, problem-solving, and the importance of hard work.

I've gained practical skills that will be useful in any job. Helping with the business means I've done everything from making candles to packaging orders and managing inventory. These tasks require attention to detail and organisational skills, which are crucial in any professional setting. I've also learned about quality control, ensuring that every product meets the high standards my parents have set.

Marketing and customer service have been other areas where I've gained experience. My parents involve me in their social media posts and I’ve had the chance interact with customers. This has helped me understand how to attract and retain customers, the importance of good communication, and how to handle feedback, both positive and negative. These are essential skills for any career.

Lastly doing work experience for the family business has taught me the value of teamwork and responsibility. Knowing that my contribution to the business makes a good impact on my family and helps my parent’s business out. It's also made us become closer as a family since we are all usually together helping with the business.  

My parents’ candle business has provided me with life skills that I will need in the future from practical skills and dealing with customers and money. They have given me an amazing opportunity to be doing work experience with their business and I have enjoyed it very much.


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